Josephine  - Wardrobe Consultant & Personal Stylist in CT

Wardrobe Consultant & Personal Stylist

Servicing Connecticut and Natiionwide

With over 18 years of experience within the fashion industry, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and working with designers such as Thierry Mugler, Moschino's creatives, Alberta Ferretti and many more. I’ve styled stars on Sex and the City and produced shows for fashion week, all because of my love and passion for styling and fashion design.

I truly find great joy in empowering women and helping them find their best selves, so much so that even my family and friends view me as their “go-to” for anything fashion related!

Dressing well is a skill, and unfortunately, that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Whether it’s lack of time, confidence or a body image challenge, my goal with Style For Your Soul is to help my clients understand their fashion needs and educate them on how to shop. Just as self-care is part of your weekly routine, investing in your wardrobe can boost the way you look after yourself. From providing confidence to enabling you to live as your best self, clothing has the power to transform you completely, which is why I created my business.

"My philosophy is that personal style is not defined by anyone but ourselves. With that in mind, let me help you get a grasp on what makes you, you."


Whether you want a complete wardrobe overhaul or something more specific that’s tailored for date night, commuting and everything in between, I can help you. Style For Your Soul is all about creating tailored wardrobes in order to polish your aesthetic, and with nearly 20 years of experience under my belt, you’re in more than capable hands for the job.

I offer virtual sessions in addition to in-person styling sessions, if you're located in Southern Connecticut.

How To Cleanse Your Closet

Just starting your fashion journey? Whether you’re looking to replace your wardrobe entirely or you’re just looking to add a few capsule items that pull your look together, cleaning out your closet is a sure-fire way of helping you on your styling journey.

Begin your closet cleanse with the larger go-to items that you may wear more often than anything else. If we’re cleansing your wardrobe together, I will bring a rack with me in order to put these on display. Choose which of these items to keep and which ones may be best being passed on. What’s left will set the standard for the rest of your closet cleanse.

From there, go through the rest of your wardrobe one item at a time in order to figure out what is or isn’t clicking with it. Is there an issue with the fit? The colour? The style? Do you hold on to it for sentimentality? This part of the process helps guide you through the tough decisions of letting items go or deciding whether they’re worthy of tailoring and upcycling.

If we’re working together on your closet cleanse, we’ll then start to rearrange and restructure your closet in a way that’s easy to navigate in your day to day life, pairing clothes together in order to help you look better in a more efficient way. Doing the closet cleanse alone? Try and pair items that you think work together and store them close together in your closet space, as this will help with accessibility when you’re getting ready!